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ONTD Original: Torchwood Premiered 10 years ago today! Here's the 10 best episodes.

10 years later, here are the 10 best episodes of Torchwood imho.

10. Reset

During Season 2, Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones) had a recurring role during three episodes, in the first of them she goes undercover into an organization that's been developing some kind of alien insects. During the final minutes, Owen, one of the members is killed, which at the time was quite surprising until they brought him back later...

09. The Stolen Earth/Journey's End

Technically not a Torchwood episode, but a crossover with Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures, but after so many years it was so nice to see the doctor finally interact with the other shows, Rose, Martha and Harriet Jones to see them all come together to fight the Daleks.
*Harriet Jones typing skills tho smh*

08. Immortal Sins

Nobody liked Miracle Day but some parts of it were good. Immortal Sins was when Gwen was blackmailed into turning Jack to the enemy or they will kill Rhys, her mom and her baby. Jack tells her the story of why the enemy wants him. The episode gives an inside look into one of Jack's old loves: Angelo. Who loved Jack but left him to be killed over and over by 'The family'. The enemy turns out to be old barely alive Angelo, trying to protect Jack from 'The family'.

07. They Keep Killing Suzie

Even if it was revealed that Suzie was evil in the pilot, it was nice to see her come up with a plan even after coming back from the dead. Also, this episodes gets points for introducing the first Jack/Ianto flirting. A lead man in a sci-fi show flirting with another man?! How dare they! it's 2006!

06. Fragments

If Torchwood did something well, was getting you attached to characters to kill them eventually. The team ended up trapped in a building when a bomb exploted which led to everyone's flashbacks to what they did before joining Torchwood. And the ending revealing that the guy behind everything was Jack's long lost evil presumed-to-be-dead brother, was the cherry on top. Losses points for giving us the worst CGI ever when they catch Myfanwy.

05. The New World

The first episode of Miracle Day was actually good, it was a very nice setup for what could've been a great story if told right, but they way they set up the worldwide problem of nobody dying and the human race extinguishing was quite engaging.

04. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


03. Exit Wounds

Torchwood just knew how to hit you right in the feels. Exit Wounds was just devastating because Jack had to die during 2000 years to wake up and 'kill' his own brother, who had just killed Toshiko (cause you're breaking my heart) and in the end, Owen had to die...again.

02. Captain Jack Harkness

Probably the best episode of backstory Torchwood has given. Jack and Toshiko got stuck back in time and they met the real Jack Harkness, a closeted captain who was set to die after going to war the next day, but just before he went to war he allowed a tiny moment of happiness with Jack. The entire episode is a great old school gay romance novel.

01. Children of Earth, Part 1

Children of Earth was by faaaaaaar the best thing Torchwood has done. A compelling case of what the world will do if they had to surrender their Children to aliens. And even if it ended tragically wrong, it was a great setup for the things to come. It also gave great development to the character: Torchwood was rebuilding itself, Jack and Ianto became a couple, Gwen was pregnant, Ianto came out to his sister and the cliffhanger with the bomb inside Jack was one of the best things Torchwood did in their runtime.

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ONTD, do you remember when Torchwood was ONTD's favorite show? Jack and Ianto thanks you for your time.
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