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Cordelia Foxx

Kyle Gallner celebrates his 30th birthday on the set of 'Outsiders'

Today I am 30... It's kind of crazy to think about. In my 20s I worked, partied my ass off, self destructed, met my wife, she and my good friends and family helped me put myself back together and I had two incredible kids who completely changed my life. In between all of that I met amazing people and had beautiful times with family, friends, and strangers, I got in the best shape of my life in the last year and discovered I could grow a mustache :) My 20s were very busy and far from boring. Let's see what you got 30s. I'm looking forward to it.

Happy Birthday @kylegface and happy wrap! Pleasure standing in for you on our last day! Lol 🎬🎁

You get banged up when you do most of your own stunts :) That big purple mark is one of a few bruises sustained last night and today I am awake and ready to do it again. Last day of filming on outsiders. Let's do it.

Thank you NYC comic-com for having us. It was a blast :) now back to work!

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Had to throw something together since he's forever and always one of my faves <3 The new season of Outsiders starts on January 2. Thank you for your time!
Tags: actor / actress, black celebrities, celebrity social media, comic-con, sons of anarchy (fx), veronica mars

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