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Is Little People Big World's Audrey Roloff a Trump supporter?

Only a few days since my last Roloff post, but I can't help it that these assholes have been giving me so much ammo lately.

audrey at her wedding. i've circled her in this photo bc i know it might be hard to pick her out in that sea of whiteness.

Audrey Roloff has landed in hot water again after posting an instagram story that implies she might be a fan of a certain orange bridge troll muppet running for President. I can't find any screenshots of her insta story, but here's a summary from Spiritswander, the best blog for anyone who hates the Roloffs as much as I do:

Last night, Wednesday Oct 19th, the Presidential Debate was held. Audrey had earlier posted a regular Instagram photo with a long description about how the world needs more people that are compassionately curious and less people that are carelessly critical.

Audrey then posted several Instagram Stories (the short video clips) from the debate. The clips were of Donald Trump speaking about Hilary Clinton's faults, Trump mentioning Clinton's "criminal emails, (Audrey inserted smiley faces), clips of Trump asking how can Clinton run for President of the United States when she should be in jail?" Audrey finished it up with Donald Trump's closing words from the debate.. "We cannot take 4 more years of Barack Obama and that's what you get if you vote for Hillary Clinton". A female voice in Audrey's video (which her followers obviously assume to be her own) can be heard loudly exclaiming "That was GOOD!"

Some fans expressed disappointment that she was a Trump supporter. Audrey was not pleased with these baseless assumptions!

audreyroloff Just wanna say one thing...Y'all sure do make a lot of assumptions....And this post has nothing to do with politics. I hope you read the actual content of the post before commenting. It would mean a lot to me.

One fan tried to reason with her because she was under the impression that the Roloffs are reasonable people, bless her heart:

kate_bird13 I just watched your story, and I understand that you're feeling attacked. But, you are a public figure, who is putting messages out to almost 300,000 people. Intentionally. [...] You take a standpoint of instructing others on how to live, and when others do the same to you, based on your SPECIFIC, public actions, you are responsible for receiving them. Now, if you actually did mean what your stories suggested, you are also responsible for defending yourself. You take a religiously-based moral standpoint on life AND public discourse, and are defending, as per the message you sent out, a serial sexual assault perpetrator, racist, homophobic, offensive, inarticulate and unqualified man who wants to be president. [...] You are a public figure who made a public statement that completely contradicts what you preach, and that actually endangers women, minorities, and the lower classes. You are expected to explain it.

audreyroloff @kate_bird13 Social Media is not the place of debate. I hope you can gracefully accept that. I disregard many of the negatie comments because I want my social media and comments to be uplifting and encouraging to others. Not a blood bath.

Her followers did not care for Audrey's evasive non-answers:

cortneywinn If you are a Trump supporter, own it. If you're a Hillary supporter, own it. You opened this door, you let us in, and now that we are curious you tell us 'social media is not the place for this discussion'?

sources: 1, 2

do you think audrey roloff is a trump supporter?
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