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Little Mix's "Shout Out To My Ex" Debuts at #1 + The Glory Days Tour is already selling out

  • This is their 4th single that goes to #1. They're also the first X-Factor winners to have four solo singles reach #1 in the UK.

  • Shout Out To My Ex was released on Sunday night, so they missed almost 3 days of sales, but that didn't affect them because they still got that #1.

  • If their team wasn't incompetent and they had released the song on Friday like a normal person, they would have had bigger first week sales.

  • BBC Radio 1 spoiled it when they tweeted that only Kungs vs Cookin' on 3 Burners' This Girl hadn't moved on the chart this week, which means that James Arthur moved and he isn't #1 anymore. BBC Radio deleted the tweet like a minute later, but people had already seen it.

  • The girls were just interviewed in a radio show in Belgium, and when they were introduced the host said that they were #1 this week in the UK. That's how they got the news.

  • James Arthur is mad and he's blocking mixers tweeting about the girls being #1 this week instead of him.

  • This morning, the general sale of the Glory Days Tour started, pre-sale was on Wednesday, and they had to add more dates because they already sold out some venues.

  • They have already sold over 200,000 tickets.

  • They sold out two shows at the O2 in London in 12 minutes, so they had to add another date today.

  • They also sold out Glasgow in 3 minutes, which is why they added another date.

  • More shows in Sheffield and Liverpool have been added because they're almost sold out.

  • Other dates are starting to sell out already.

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Talent keeps winning!

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