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Perrie Edwards was left 'homeless and crying everyday' after split with Zayn

* Perrie was living with Zayn in his north London house before the breakup.

* Perrie:"while I was in America things really hit me and I realised I was homeless. I was crying everyday" :(

* She realised she had ‘nowhere to go’ when she was in America and was homeless soon after the breakup, resulted in her mother calling her she was so upset.

* Other Little Mix members offered to put her up but they didn't had room

* Couldn't rent as she had pets

* Luckily someone offered to let her stay in their guest cottage, so she moved in until she had time to buy her own house.

OP note: Zayn also evicted Perrie's mother effectively making her homeless HOMELESS 8 months after their break up, by refusing to keep paying the bills on the house and telling her to leaveshe was staying in effectively making her homeless.

[Since ztans think Im lying to make Zayn look bad heres the direct quote]

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Homeless is homeless regardless of income bracket. As it says if you read the post she couldn't rent because of her pets, do you expect her to buy a house in London while in America??

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