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NETFLIX - BLACK MIRROR Premiere + Season 4 Casting/Directing News

- NETFLIX commissioned two seasons (12 episodes) of BLACK MIRROR
- The next 6 episodes will begin production later this year and premiere in 2017
- Rosemarie DeWitt (LaLa Land, United States of Tara) will be starring in the Jodie Foster directed episode
- Foster has directed on other Netflix originals such as "Orange is the New Black" and "House of Cards"

Reposting the trailer for S3:

Season 3 of BLACK MIRROR premieres tonight at 12am PDT on Netflix! Hopefully I didn't submit this too late in the evening, so perhaps can use as a discussion post for anyone staying up and binging like I am =) I'll try and make another post for the weekend for those waiting until then. Looking forward to discussing the new season with you guys!

[spoiler code for those who need it]

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