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Excerpt From Zayn Malik's New Book! His Father, Malay, and Desi Music

A sample from Zayn's new autobiography has been released courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine.

In it, Zayn delves into his past for the inspiration that led to the creation of "Flower". A song that is close to him and his fans of Desi heritage.

*Talked to Malay about he wanted to earn his father's approval with his career.
*His father only wanted the best for him and Zayn wanted to please him return
*It meant everything to him to perform in Urdu for his father
*Malay helped find him the perfect guitar
*Created the song at the Beverly Hills Hotel pool
*Drew inspiration from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, a legendary singer.
*Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan nephew reached out to Zayn and they hope to work together.

Rahat fateh ali khan is the man who Zayn mentioned it would be an honor to work with. Here a video of him singing on the popular show Coke Studio.

Coke studio is an extremely popular underground music thing in Pakistan and it's so popular that its even loved by the Indian community. Singers will redo really popular songs or fuze Western and Eastern music. For example, mix Desi music with Jazz or something.

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