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RZA: "Azealia was the Aggressor, Out of Her Mind"

  • RZA skyped into TMZ Live to give his details of what happened the night Azealia Banks claimed Russell Crowe choked her and caller the N-word.

  • RZA says that Azealia was talking crazy all night. She threatened to smash a glass in a womans face. Azealia picked up the glass and went for the woman but Russell stepped in, picked Azealia up and took her out of the room.

  • RZA said Azealia tried to get back into the room, RZA jumped inbetween Russell and Azealia. Russell spit at Azealia but it got on RZA instead because he was inbetween the two.

  • RZA said Russell NEVER said the N-word and never choked her. He picked her up (he doesn't say how) to get her out of the room.

  • Azealia pounded on the door to get her bag back, someone brought the bag to the door and she tried to fight her way back into the room.

  • Azealia was verbally attacking Russell and the guests all night and then wanted to physically assault Russell.

  • RZA says Russell was never trying to attack her out of anger, but instead, that he wanted to get her out of the room for his guests safety. Security was called and escorted her out.

  • RZA says he is worried about Azealia since she is the star of his new movie. He said there was never a record deal being negotiated, she called him begging her for a deal because she is broke, and that he sent her some money to help her get on her feet. RZA says the only way Azealia would get a record deal is if he cosigned the deal because of her awful reputation.

  • RZA also says he doesn't know why she's changing her story and attacking him when he is the only one standing in her corner right now and that he is worried about her.


This is such a mess. I hope Azealia gets the help she needs.
Tags: australian celebrities, azealia banks, black celebrities, legal / lawsuit, music / musician (rap and hip-hop)

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