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Black Sails Roundup!

A lot happened at NYCC!

Some S4 promo pics:

HQ pictures without watermark can be viewed here


Detailed description of the first 10 minutes of the S4 premiere, as seen during the NYCC panel:

[big spoilers under cut!]
The scene opens with Flint and Silver sitting side-by-side. Flint is reciting Genesis 25:23 (”The LORD said to her, “Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within you will be separated; one people will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger.”). Now, if it isn’t obvious enough already, that’s some pretty heavy foreshadowing. Flint turns to Silver, saying that though Jacob and Esau were the closest two people could get to being the same person, the first thing they did upon birth was fight to get ahead of the other. Flint relates this to the crew, suggesting that all their men have at some point considered striking down their neighbor- and everyone’s thought of killing Flint. (Silver has this really cheeky line, something along the lines of “if it’s any consolation, I haven’t thought about killing you for months”). Flint tells Silver that, because the end of this war is finally in sight, they need to keep their alliance strong just a little longer because they accomplish the most when they stand united.

The Walrus is headed right into a trap laid out by Rogers. I’m not going to detail the semantics of it because it’s too fantastic and breath-taking and clever for me to spoil you about it. As they move forward, we cut to two scenes- one in which Madi (looking hella beautiful) shares a word with Silver and Silver chides her for not yet trusting Flint. There’s a bit of tension there (Madi curves the question, Silver says something like “I don’t believe that’s what I was asking” and she throws back “I don’t believe you’re going to like my answer”). We also cut to Jack and Teach. Jack gives a speech to their crew, framing the upcoming battles as vengeance for Charles Vane (it’s an amazing bit). Then, shit ensues with the ships and the battle between Flint and Rogers. It’s not looking well at all.

The clip ends with Flint telling the crew to abandon ship. Jack, Teach, and Anne stand divided about whether or not to escape or follow suit, heading straight into the chaos (which would probably mean certain death/capture). Flint and Silver are the last to leave the ship, though Madi tries to convince Silver to leave earlier bc of his leg. A blast throws Silver off the ship with its impact, he falls right into the water and his peg leg is entangled in some of the ship’s ropes, preventing him from reaching the surface. Madi yells after him, obvs distraught. Flint begins to take off his coat to dive in after Silver but then he hesitates as the attack continues and more of the crew are being killed around him. The clip ends with him (and the audience) looking onto the water with waning hope that Silver survived.


This IGN interview with Luke Arnold!

- Luke feels like he's played a different character every season, but feels like he plays four different characters in S4 alone
- "The changes he goes through in the first few episodes are really dramatic."
- Silver is now very invested in this world. "It's now the two of them [Silver and Flint] ready to take this war to the world."
- All his relationships - Flint, Madi, Billy, the rest of the Walrus Crew - make him feel a part of the war, and makes Silver feel like he can pick up the mantle to start the revolution.
- "Madi is really integral in giving him the confidence to take that up."
- Flint and Silver are "about as close as two friends can be."
- S4 has crazy "twists and turns" with "a very satisfying conclusion"
- Does nod to Treasure Island in the end, but "it doesn't go exactly the way you think it will"


This IGN interview with executive producers Jonathan E. Steinberg, Robert Levine and Dan Shotz!

- S4 is the last because "the story felt ready" and the payoff to all the relationships were imminent, and at a certain point it's hard to top itself
- "Right away you'll sense that [Flint and Silver] are closer than they've ever been. That becomes very integral not just to their relationship but to what happens at large for everyone in the story. ... That relationship becomes extremely central right down to the last scene."
- The war against civilization is strong from the very beginning and carries through the whole season
- Eleanor made a choice in S3 that she wants to integrate herself into British society and they want to do justice to her story, including the gender norms and restrictions that come with her ambitions.
- Max's story in S4 is about her figuring out why, despite getting everything she wanted in S2 and S3, she isn't at the place she thought she'd be. S4 is about her figuring out what she really wants. "She's either going to be a victim of what's happening with the war, or she's going to take control of it."
- Regarding major character deaths in S4 - "I think by the end, people will realize why S4 had to be the last. It just wouldn't be the same show."
- S4 "starts really hot and never lets up."


Lauren Sarner's fantastic interview with Luke Arnold for Inverse

- On John Silver's missing leg in S4 - "The peg leg in Season 3 was alright, but Season 4, the left leg is pretty much strapped up all the time and we also made the crutch a bit short, which looked good but is physically a terrible thing to do. Most physios say you should use two crutches, not one, because your alignment will tilt to the side. And that’s what happened. Everything on my right side got stretched; everything on my left condensed."
- Figured out how to get on and off a horse with one leg with the help of his one-legged stunt double
- On Silver's backstory - "He talks about Solomon Little, and they’ll be hearing him using Solomon Little again in another story. You get a sense it’s not the complete truth. We delve into this a bit in Season 4 — the idea of Silver’s backstory and how truthful he’s being with people around him."
- Characters will interact in S4 that previously had little to no interaction, such as Silver and Jack.
- On Flint and Silver's relationship - "They’re best buds is really the thing. Flint’s a rock star, and when the rock star brings you into their world, everyone succumbs to it. Even though Silver and Billy were always on the outside like, ‘Fuck him, he’s our leader but we never want to be seduced by what Flint is,’ I think when we begin Season 4, Silver has been sucked into that. They’ve got a mutual respect. They’ve accepted that they’re friends. They’re the pirate kings together."
- On the potential downfall of the Flint/Silver relationship - "You follow Flint because you think he’s the smartest; the best tactician. He’s saying that he’s going to lead them to a better future, that it’s all about changing civilization for the good of all, but when you find out it’s about something so personal and vulnerable then you start to question whether you should put your faith in someone who’s doing something for personal means. For someone as intelligent as Silver, I think that rings some alarm bells."
- Luke's favorite S3 scene between Silver and Flint was the shark hunting - "That was the first time it got to be just the two of us doing a big sequence together to that extent. We definitely top that in Season 4 — there is so much Flint and Silver stuff and it gets really, really deep. There’s a lot to look forward to on that side."


- Jessica looking absolutely gorgeous
- Jessica talks about how lucky she feels to play a woman who is loved and feared and powerful, and is proud to represent the "gay community"
- Luke on Silver's missing leg - "That's part of the transition from going from the peg leg to the crutch. In season 3 he still wants to be seen to be a complete man, and that evolution he goes through to being able to use the crutch is some acceptance that now he is a different person since he lost the leg, but maybe even a stronger person and more capable person."
- Jessica is just as intrigued by Max & Anne's relationship as the rest of us
- Max and Anne's scenes are "very dramatic and very intense"


Luke Arnold recently shared some behind-the-scenes info about the show on Twitter :)

Meanwhile, in what is possibly some of the coolest Black Sails news in recent days, Toby Schmitz has written a graphic novel about Jack and Anne's origins:

Also, though Toby was unable to attend NYCC, Luke Facetimed him during the panel:

Also this spooky image...

In some sad news, Jannes Eiselen, the man who played Dufresne in Season 1, unfortunately passed away on September 24.


Black Sails Season 3 will be released on DVD & Blu-Ray NOVEMBER 8! Discs will include special features about the making of S3. You can see a sneak preview of the special feature about the making of the intense storm scene from S03E02 here!


And in case you didn't see it, here's the official trailer for Season 4.

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