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Previously Unreleased Sam's Town Track "Peace of Mind" + The Killers Gave Robbie Williams A Song

As most Victims know, this year marks 10 years since the release of "Sam's Town." To commemorate the re-issue of the 10-Year Anniversary version of the album - the Killers added a previously unreleased song titled "Peace of Mind" from the Sam's Town recording sessions. Check it out below.

In other news - BFlow and the guys were charitable enough to give Robbie Williams a previously unreleased track titled "Mixed Signal" produced by Stuart Price. This isn't the first time Robbie Williams sings a Brandon Flowers assisted written track - as some Victims may remember he pulled out of the song he wrote with Avicii "The Days" and was replaced with Robbie Williams. Below is a piece of the interview where Robbie Williams talks about how the track came into his hands, a preview he shared on his Instagram as well as "The Days."

Robbie Williams on "Mixed Signals":
“The Killers sound is unique and I think Brandon Flowers is one of the best songwriters on the planet [this OP sees no lies]. I was at (producer) Stuart Price’s house and he’d just been working with Brandon and played me this song.

“He said, ‘Have a listen to this’. And all the way through it I was thinking, ‘I want this song’. And unbelievably they let me have it and didn’t have it for themselves.”

Read the full interview at the source.

Mixed Signals Preview:

robbiewilliams: Here's your next taste of #TheHeavyEntertainmentShow - track 3: Mixed Signals. There'll be a new teaser here on Instagram every day - don't go anywhere... #MixedSignals

Come on in, I know you want to.

ONTD, what is your favorite track off Sam's Town?

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