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Little Mix's "Shout Out To My Ex" Promo Tour Roundup

  • Whenever they perform at the X-Factor they feel like contestants all over again.

  • Leigh was actually driving the car at the beginning of their performance, so she was really nervous about it.

  • This is the first time they wore heels during a performance.

  • They had champagne with Simon Cowell after their performance, even though they don't like champagne. They were also invited once again to Sunday roast at his house. They thought that he was never going to invite them again after the incident with Jade and Jesy the last time they were there.

  • They met Ariana Grande briefly, but Jesy has seen her a few times and apparently she's a fan of the girls. Jesy said that she's lovely and really tiny and cute and she loves her.

  • The girls and Grimmy talk about the Kebab Shop Man, some guy that Grimmy and his friend like because apparently he's really hot. Grimmy said that the man looks like James Franco, so I hope he means James Franco circa Spider-Man because he looks gross now.

  • Perrie gives him advice to approach the Kebab Shop Man.

  • Jade told him to get a job at the Kebab Shop to get closer to the guy.

  • Perrie thinks that the guy at the noodle bar in the shopping center around the corner to where she lives is really hot and sweet. She also said that the food there is really good.

  • They played Kiss, Marry, Avoid and the options where Liam Hemsworth, Justin Bieber and Zac Efron. They would avoid Liam because he's with Miley, kiss Justin because he's a ladies man so I guess they know that he's not marriage material, and they would marry Zac. Jade said that she would sing a song with him.

  • Leigh said that there's nothing better than a man with soft lips, and Jesy said that they're not fan of men with crusty lips.

  • They think Honey G is an actress, and they think is unfair that so many good acts didn't make it to the live shows but she did. Jesy doesn't like that Honey G gets compared to real rappers.

  • Perrie said that every time that Jesy opens her mouth her heart is on the edge because she always ends up saying things that she shouldn't, but this time Jesy said really sweet things about her.

  • Jade said that they wear a lot of gaffer tape with their outfits so everything stays in place.

  • Leigh got her friend Gracie a video from Honey G.

  • When asked who the song is about, the girls said that it was about exes and that everyone has an ex. Perrie stayed quiet while the others answered.

  • George Shelley said that he thought it was a song about the X-Factor. Fun fact: Jesy and George kinda dated forever ago.

  • Jesy and Leigh did the middle finger sign and Dave Berry told them to stop because they filmed everything inside the studio. The girls kept apologizing for doing it.

  • The girls helped Marvin Humes prank Roman Kemp because Roman pranked Marvin the other day. You can watch the prank H E R E because it's only on Capital's site.

  • Jesy said that they always love their albums, but this album is by far their favorite and the best they have ever done because it's a new era and it's a completely new sound for them.

  • It has more songs that can be play in clubs and it's more sassy and fierce. It's a really honest album in which they spill the beans.

  • Perrie got asked directly who the song was about and she just said that it's a song everyone can relate to.

  • They talked about the new season of the X-Factor. Leigh's favorite act is Five After Midnight, while Jesy and Perrie's favorite act is Louis Tomnlinson's actually talented doppelgänger Matt Terry.

  • Jesy thinks that Honey G is an actress, and she gets that she's entertaining but the show is supposed to be a singing competition, so she thinks that is kinda unfair that other acts didn't make it and she did. Leigh said that they love her, anyways.

  • They wrote songs with Meghan Trainor, Charlie Puth, MNEK and Rixton's Jake Roche for Glory Days. Jesy completely forgot that Jake had worked with them on the album, so Perrie had to remind her.
  • Fifth Harmony wants to work with them, and the girls aren't against the idea. They would call themselves Fifth Mix, according to Jade, even though one of the hosts suggested Little Harmony.

  • Jeys met Ariana Grande when Rixton was opening for her on her last tour and she said that she's really down to Earth and lovely, which she wasn't expecting because she's such a big star.

  • They played Cards Against Humanity and Perrie won.

  • They talk about the song.

  • They give their best breakup advice.

  • Leigh posted a sweet message for the girls.

  • The Shout Out To My Ex video is dropping this Friday.

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