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Apprentice Staffer Claims Gary Busey Groped Her. And Then Donald Trump Laughed.

Apprentice staffer says actor Gary Busey (allegedly) sexually assaulted her in 2011. 5 addition Apprentice employees confirmed this story.

The victim says that during a smoke break from an art galley challenge Busey grabbed her firmly between her legs, ran his hands up her stomach and grabbed her breasts.

She said she didn't know what to do so she said "Oh, I've never been sexually harassed by a celebrity before"

He then forcibly put her hand on his crotch and said "I'm just getting started baby". A staff member jumped in between them and pushed Busey away.

Staffers asked for Busey to be kicked off the show. Producers, management and Trump himself were all made aware of the incident.

Staffers say Trump yukked it up with Busey saying “Gary, did you do a bad thing...got your hands where they’re not supposed to be," Calling Busey a "bad boy, a very bad boy" and finally telling him to just "Keep your hands to yourself".

Busey continued to be on the show.

The victim did not push the matter for fear of losing her job and in fact two years later Busey was invited back to the show (while the victim still worked there).

She says "Trump would say gross things all the time" and the atmosphere was a "disgusting place to work" due to high frequency of sexual harassment.

Staffers say women were often subjected to misogynistic and harassing remarks. Many male celebrity contestants were sexist and it was tolerated. It wasn't uncommon for young female staffers to burst into tears because a celeb told them to "sit on it"

Tags: donald trump, reality show, television - nbc

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