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More Game of Thrones leaks get confirmed + and more plot details leak


Followup from THIS post (SPOILERS obviously, and please read this past post if you haven't before opening the cut here)

-It has now basically been confirmed the the parts from the leak about Dany arriving in Dragonstone and Jon meeting Dany at Dragonstone while on the search for Dragonglass is true.

-A Spanish GOT source is saying that both Emilia Clarke (confirmed) and Kit Harington (hugely rumored) will be filming at the Zumaia Beaches in Spain which are standing for Dragonstone.



Bran crosses the Wall, meets with Edd.

"Sansa wants to give the lands of those who betrayed Jon to those who supported him, but Jon (in first ep) refused to hold the children of the Karstark and Umber families responsible for the actions of their fathers. This doesn't please Lyanna Mormont (or Sansa) but Jon basically just tells her to deal with it - he doesn't plan to rule the North the way it always has been." - (Jon, Sansa and Lyanna have been spotted on set with other "Team Starks".)



-Littlefinger tries to play Arya and Sansa against each other, using the letter Sansa wrote to Robb (at the behest of Cersei and Littlefinger) to swear fealty to Joffrey. Sansa figures out she's being played with Bran's help.

-Arya and Brienne spar, but Brienne is in attendance at the dragonpit scene. So either Brienne separates from the main group and returns to Winterfell (VERY quickly) AFTER the dragonpit meeting, or she doesn't join Jon and Davos initially to Dragonstone. She likely meets up with them at some point after they've left the Wall with the Wight. So the sparing likely happens in episode 4 or 5, and Brienne leaves Winterfell later.

Team Dany

-At the end of Episode One, Dany and her fleet land at Dragonstone. Nobody says anything. She walks up the steps to the keep, and we follow her through the building until she reaches Stannis' old War Room. She looks out the window at the land ahead that used to belong to her family. She picks up one of the chess-like pieces on the table and looks at Tyrion, who has followed her up. She says one line: "Shall we begin?" End of Episode"

White Walker stuff
Jon leads a small force (himself, The Hound, Beric, Thoros, Tormund, Jorah and Gendry (WHY?!) to capture a wight. (Scene set to be filmed in Iceland in January includes 6 major characters.)

-The party travels to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea by boat. Davos stays behind while the others go wight hunting.


he team is attacked by the Night King's army, including a wight polar bear. The bear kills Thoros (apparently a slow death). (Thoros is confirmed to return for season 7.)


-They are surrounded on an island on a frozen lake and are nearly overcome when Dany and her dragons show up. She flies most of the team back to Eastwatch, but Jon is left behind.

-Jon is almost killed, but Coldhands/Benjen arrives and sends Jon off with his horse while continuing to fight the horde. Jon watches Benjen swarmed by undead as he rides, half dead, to safety.

-Viserion is killed and raised as the Night King's mount.

-Jon offers to lay down his title as KITN if Dany and her forces will help against the WWs. This scene is private.

King's Landing

-Meeting at the dragonpit with basically everyone. They demonstrate the reality of the white walkers and it terrifies Cersei (apparently the Mountain chops up the wight and it keeps moving, Jon shows them the only way to kill it is with dragonglass). She tells them she will send forces to help defeat the undead, but admits to Jamie she was lying. She wants the undead to clear out as many of her enemies as possible. Disgusted, Jamie begins to ride North. Likely happens episode 7

-Tyrion takes a moment to talk to Cersei alone after the Dragonpit parlay. Cersei hates him but listens to him talk about the White Walkers. Mainly because she wants Jon and Dany to think she's going to participate and help them with fighting the white walkers.

-Cersei believes she is pregnant again with Jamie's child. She has Qyburn examine her. Cersei does not hesitate in telling Jamie. Likely happens within the first couple episodes. (easily the MOST ridiculous spoiler)

-Near the end of the season, Cersei awakens in a bed completely soaked with blood. She has miscarried the baby. (using miscarriage as shock value makes me feel nauseous so i hope this is not true)

-Gendry's in Kings Landing making weapons, and he is found by Davos. If he's with the group during the episode 6 adventure past the wall, he is likely found during the events of the "ill-advised attack". Likely episode 4 or 5.

Dorne/Highgarden/Casterly Rock

-Dorne and High Garden get trashed within the first couple episodes by the Lannisters.

-The Dothraki and Dany attack the Lannister army on their way back from the Reach. Jamie and Bron are both there. Despite the Lannister army having a giant anti-dragon spear gun designed by Qyburn, they are defeated. Bron saves Jamie from a dragon, and the two manage to escape. Likely episode 4 or 5. Jon remains at Dragonstone during this battle, as he is not aligned with her yet. (Might be the "ambush" scene we've heard about that includes a Lannister. Castings have required a large number of horses and extras who seem to fit the description of Dothraki.)

-Jamie and Tyrion have a secret meeting at some point where Tyrion tries to persuade them to surrender to Dany, which Jamie ignores. Unclear if this happens before or after Dany ambushes the Lannister army.

-Jamie travels to Highgarden and Olenna drinks poison. The claim is this happens when the Lannister armies sack High Garden. She admits to having killed Joffrey, and Jamie allows her to drink the poison. Jamie returns to King's Landing in time for the dragonpit meeting.

-Euron kills 2 of the Sand Snakes, imprisons Ellaria and makes her watch as Tyene dies a slow death from poison.(payback from Cersei for Myrcella)

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