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S.E. Hinton Doesn't Want Your Gay Agenda Invading Her Book

This was sparked by a fan asking her whether or not two of the characters in her book were gay, to which she responded with hostility and asking where the text was in her book to back up such an assumption.

When people called her out, she followed with more tweets...

She also pulled out the "I have friend who are [insert marginalized group]" card.

She defended her position by saying that she didn't know any LGBT+ people when she wrote this book, because of course people in ths '60s would've come out to her, right. She also further defended her position by saying that characters showed interest in girls, so of course they can't be anything but straight.

And, in the end, she just hit the block button on most dissenting voices to these tweets, especially when readers held her to her own words.

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There are more exchanges on her Twitter with fans that I haven't included here, so you can go to her Twitter and check those out if you want. People are also both supporting and dragging her in her mentions.

While I understand authors sometimes have a sexuality in mind for their characters, it's true what some responses said to her about not having control of how others interpret her characters. It really rubbed my the wrong way that she got so defensive about how totally not gay her characters are (and then blocked anyone trying to discuss this with her). The condescending "little girls" thing also pissed me off, as did the "weird fantasy" part.
Tags: books / authors, celebrity social media, lgbtq / rights

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