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Howard Stern feels sorry for Donald Trump

  • The popular radio host would very much like to be excluded from this narrative

  • Says he's upset that tapes from his show play such a central role in the election

  • Apologized to Trump after CNN ran a headline about Stern confirming that Trump was for the Iraq war

  • Says that people are now coming through tapes of the Howard Stern show and that it's fair to use them as they are public records, but if it were up to him he'd never provide them

  • He turned down hundreds of interview request and doesn't replay any of the Trump tapes

  • Thinks that Donald Trump is one the best guests he's ever had because of his "stream of consciousness" and him not being PC

  • Thinks people should cut Trump some slack as his comments were made in the context of the Howard Stern show

  • Also thinks he shouldn't be held accountable for everything he's ever said ("I have no idea what I say")

  • Says he's trying to be humorous and so was Trump

  • Stern is a Hillary supporter but considers Trump a friend. When Trump began to run for president, Stern called him and asked him what he was doing ("don't you know they're going to open up everything?")

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