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Hate Speech and the Fight for Roma Representation after NYCC

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- To recap, Peter David, noted Marvel writer, went on a racist tirade last Friday when asked about the way Marvel writes it's Rromani characters. He claimed that Rromani parents mutilate their children for monetary gain, something told to him by his Romanian tour guide. Several people pointed out that in Romania (and Europe in general) most Rromani have limited access to basic healthcare, and the healthcare system is slated against them (in Czechoslovakia, for example, women were unknowingly sterilized until the 1970s to reduce the population of the Rromani, and incidents of sterilization still occur in Eastern Europe).

- But he wasn't totally racist against them, though! One of the things he's best known for is the "nuanced" way he writes Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver, a Rrom superhero. He claims that if he were REALLY racist against the Rromani, he wouldn't have written Quicksilver so well!

- He apologized eventually, after days of showing his ass, by admitting what he saw was more likely severe cases of polio. Why he never bothered to look this up in the twenty three years between his rant and the actual incident is unknown.

- Comicsalliance brought in Vicente Rodriguez, the guy who was verbally abused by David, who stated that he brought up the topic of Rromani characters on an LGBT panel because "there is no space for Rromani people to raise their voices in American pop culture."

More at the source, including video of the incident!


I meant to write this the weekend it happened, yikes@me. he also stated on his blog that he never intended to write the Rromani in any positive manner, so for the MCU stans who like to claim how there was never any mention of his Rromani background in the comics so it's totally okay to hire white ppl to play him and his sister in the movies, spoilers: this is why.
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