Oop! SVU Will NOT Be Airing the Donald Trump-Inspired Episode After All

(follow-up to this post)

Just last week, it was announced that the Trump episode would air on October 26, i.e. before the election. Shortly after that announcement, several women came forward, accusing Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. Today, NBC decided not to air the episode before the election (if they air it at all).

Apparently, the episode goes soft on the Trump-esque character (played by Gary Cole), making him appear more sympathetic (if not straight-up innocent!). It is suggested that some cast members and writers had issues with that, which resulted in the episode being rewritten and rescheduled several times.

As of now, the episode has no airdate and no one knows when we'll get to see Gary Cole's Unforgettable Performance.

I was really hoping Carisi would get to say this to Not-Trump


ONTD, WTF? Something in the milk ain't clean.