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"Vikings" Alyssa Sutherland Interview

  • Because the first episode Aslaug appears in is the finale of season 1, in the beginning there wasn't a lot of insight into the character. What attracted her to the role was the opportunity to work with Michael Hirst, because she's a huge fan of the film Elizabeth.

  • The show hadn't been picked up for a second season at the time at the time, so she was really invested in it being renewed because it would either be an episode of a tv show or a steady job for her.

  • The weather conditions in Irelande are the toughest part of filming because they shoot through the rain and other horrendous conditions

  • There’s [a scene] coming up that hasn’t aired yet, it’s in the second part of Season 4 and I think it might be my favourite scene overall and not just in Season 4. It’s a scene with Ivar once he’s grown up a little bit, because we have this time jump right at the end of the first part of Season 4, and it’s a scene I really, really loved. I think my favourite part of Season 4 is the exploration of the relationship between Aslaug and Ivar and what they mean to each other and what they need from one another. I was really interested in that in Season 4 and it was a real gift that Michael gave me.

  • [Aslaug in Season 4b] just gets a bit darker and darker, which I like. There’s darkness, but there’s also justification as well, she gets a couple of things that she’s wanted for a really long time but I won’t go into too much of that, because I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone. But what I’ve always loved about her is she has this grey area and one day you see her doing something and you think, ‘wow, that is not what I would do’, and then the next day you see her breaking down and being vulnerable and you’re like, ‘aw, I understand where you’re coming from now.’ I like that whole grey area and making people question themselves and what they would do in a similar situation.


There isn't much about 4b for Vikings, but I bolded what's there.
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