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#Glory songwriter: 'Just Like Me' concept was all Britney + more Spears news

Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels and Britney Spears

Talented singer-songwriter Julia Michaels (Sorry, Slumber Party, Used to Love You) recently did a q&a on twitter and divulged some behind the scenes info on Glory (on sale now) and Britney's involvement in crafting the track Just Like Me.

The song talks about a scorned woman driving across the country to catch her lover in bed with a look alike. Fans have speculated the song is partly inspired by Spears' ex boyfriend from 2015.

150 miles away
Singing out my lungs
Driving fast all through L.A
Warming up my tongue

Heart's beating fast
When I'm turning the key
I see you on your back
And I just can't believe

She looks just like me, just like me
No, I just can't believe
She looks just like me, just like me
Just like me, ooh

Before I think, I start to run
But you can't even face me
You know exactly what you've done
You know exactly, baby

Michaels went on to compliment Spears' underrated skills as a songwriter

Spears will be taking the stage and working on her birthday December 2nd.

She will be joining Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and Fifth Harmony.

Check out this fan made Liar music video featuring former Nsync star Justin Timberlake.

Newly surfaced pictures from the Gimme More video set (2007).

13 years since the release of one of Spears' most underwhelming lead singles Me Against the Music. Thankfully she followed it up with classics Toxic and Everytime.

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