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HTGAWM's Lauren Vélez (Soraya Hargrove) on working with Viola Davis and her character's dark past

For season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder, there have been a few new characters (i.e. Simon Drake) this season so this week we'll talk about Dexter and New York Undercover alum Lauren Vélez who plays Soraya Hargrove, the Milford University President and who's been going head to head with Annalise.

- on how it was to work again with Viola Davis (they once were in a off-Broadway play [Intimate Apparel] over a decade ago): "Sometime in July I went out to L.A. for a meeting and I got a phone call and they said “Do you want to come on the show?” Yes, of course! I was very excited. I met with the showrunner, Peter Nowalk, who’s just wonderful. He said, “Look, it’s gonna be a very slow burn. We really want to move with the character slow and let it grow into whatever it’s going to be in the show,” which has been a really great process. As the storyline unfolds it’s become something I can really sink my teeth into. And most of my scenes have been with Viola so, how’s that for a dream coming true?"

- on what her character is like: "...I can tell you is that the character that I play, the president of the University, Soraya Hargrove, fascinates me. It’s a very powerful position for a woman to have and she, like the character I played in Dexter, is a political animal. A different kind of political animal. Soraya believes that you can draw more bees with honey than with vinegar. She’s a consummate politician. She tries to do everything with a smile and really just works everything from a very different angle. She’s a good girl. She’s a nice girl. She’s a class valedictorian. She’s that sort of person and as the show progresses, we find out her deep, dark secrets, some of which have been revealed (though I can’t tell you!)"

Doesn't Lauren look fantastic for 51. Also how do you like President Hargrove, ONTD?

Viewing/Discussion post for S3E4: Don't Tell Annalise

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