Viuda Negra (viudanegra) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Viuda Negra

Little Mix announce their fourth studio album GLORY DAYS + SHOUT OUT TO MY EX preview

  • You can hear Shout Out To My Ex playing in the background.

  • You can start pre-ordering Glory Days tomorrow.

  • Glory Days will drop worldwide on November 18.

  • Last 10 seconds of Shout Out To My Ex, which will be released this Sunday, but rumor has it that maybe it will drop tomorrow. No confirmation, yet.

  • Shout Out To My Ex is 4:06 minutes long.

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The only bad thing about them dropping the album on November 18 is that Bruno Mars is dropping his album the same day, which means that he's probably gonna block them from that #1 release week album in the UK. They should have waited a couple of weeks. Other than that, I'm excited! Don't forget to watch The X-Factor this Sunday for the first live performance of Shout Out To My Ex! They're also showing it on Monday in the US.
Tags: little mix, new music post, shaking and crying

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