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Cordelia Foxx

Evan Peters to return to American Horror Story tonight

After weeks of people asking where the fuck is Evan Peters on this season of American Horror Story series creator Ryan Murphy confirmed in a tweet earlier today that Evan will be returning in tonight's episode. Many are speculating as to who his character is going to be and the people at Screener TV have developed a theory based on the previous statement that the first five episodes each correlate to the previous five seasons of American Horror Story. This is to be taken with a grain of salt because Murphy is known for talking about things that never end up happening and dropping storylines but so far they have come up with the following connections.

Episode 1 → Murder House - First appearance from a character who resembles Piggy Man in season one.

Episode 2 → Asylum - The evil little girl in Asylum took a friend into the woods here Flora disappears into the woods.

Episode 3 → Coven - Cricket was introduced. Leslie Jordan played a similar character in Coven.

Episode 4 → Freak Show - They mention a Mott family once owned the land.

The current guess is that Evan is going to end up as Gaga's spawn. Both her character in Hotel and on this season really seem to want to have a child. Evan has also dyed his hair red for this season of AHS and Gaga's character is sporting a red wig. There's no word on if he's going to make an attempt on whatever accent she seems to be doing.

This is also the last episode before the ~game changer~ that is supposed to be episode six and this could directly tie into Evan's return as he is typically a major player in the series.

Source 1 and 2
Are you happy to see Evan return? What do you think the twist will be? New episode starts in 15!
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