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The Flash Roundup - Extended Trailer, Promo Pics, Interviews and CW Welcomes Tom Felton

Flash 3x03 'Magenta' Extended Trailer

The CW Welcomes Tom Felton

3x03 'Magenta' Promo Images
The CW has released some promotional images for your enjoyment, and as always curated to cater to the interest of Flash Fam ONTDers, so heavily featuring the Families West & Wells. More images at the source.

 photo FLA303a_0335b_zpspu5ybeag.jpg
 photo FLA303a_0382b_zps7naclwmi.jpg
 photo FLA303b_0040b_zps1wmatewj.jpg
 photo FLA303b_0082b_zpsznnbha2n.jpg
 photo FLA303b_0299b_zpsirs7g4d4.jpg
 photo FLA303a_0177b_zpsxk0qvgdp.jpg

 photo FLA303a_0335b promo_zpseyutqsca.jpg

3x04 'The New Rogues' Episode Description
Episode 3x04 'The New Rogues' features the return of Wentworth Miller (DCTV Regular) as Captain Cold, as well as the introduction of Mirror Master and The Top.
Placed under a cut because it involves some Jesse Quick spoilers.

Barry (Grant Gustin) continues to train Jesse (guest star Violett Beane) and when a new meta human, Mirror Master (guest star Grey Damon), appears on the scene he lets her tag along. Mirror Master has teamed up with his old partner, Top (guest star Ashley Rickards), and is looking for Snart (Wentworth Miller) to even a score. Jesse is quick to join the chase but defies one of Barry’s orders which results in disastrous consequences.

Tom Cavanagh On Playing The Harrison Wells' of the Multiverse
The OP's Unproblematic Fave TomCav sat down with Variety to discuss playing five versions of Harrison, working with Kevin Smith, the musical crossover with Supergirl, his charity work with Nothing But Nets, and his charity basketball game.

Does Tom have a favourite Wells/EoWells?
-Calls it a privilege to get to create so many versions of the character
-Reiterates that for him the starting point is always Eobard Thawne and the Reverse Flash
-Is she he will return to being Eobard at some point.

On Kevin Smith
-On Kevin Smith bringing 1000 Timbits to set: "bless his heart."
-Calls KS "one of the most gregarious, generous and accomplished people I’ve ever met in the entertainment world. He’s so engaging and genuine, and his energy lifts everything."
-Worried KS was having a heart attack first time he saw Grant in the Flash suit as he took three steps back, and clutched at his heart.

On The Musical Crossover between Flash and Supergirl
-Thinks of it as respect for the comic-book world and the fans, as they’re not just repeating the pilot over and over, that this is ‘moving things along’ and ‘moving forward’.
-The lynchpin is Carlos Valdes, they are all going through him.

On Nothing But Nets
-Tom’s charity work with non-profit org ‘Nothing But Nets’ came about because he grew up in Africa, and had malaria as a child, then his sister also did.
-Rick Reilly wrote a column in Sports Illustrated asking for donations to buy nets, and it proved very popular and effective.
-Led to the formation of the Nothing But Nets charity, which is paired with the UN, and you donate $10 to buy a net which gets given to a family in Africa, and you can track that net.
-Tom went to refugee camps: "Malaria was killing their children, and it’s incredible that you can drop a mortality rate by 80% by simply handing out nets. Our goal is to get rid of malaria. It’s a worthy cause, direct and simple."

On the Cavanagh Classic
-Tom runs a charity basketball game every summer at the Rucker in NYC called ‘The Cavanagh Classic’, invites his famous friends, and the money goes to Nothing But Nets

 photo variety tomcav_zpskn8k3xe2.png

EP Todd Helbing Talks Flashpoint Consequences & Speedster Allies...
Exec Producer Todd Helbing (one half of 'The Helbing Brothers') got on the old dog & bone with IGN UK to chat Season 3.

In his interview, TH explained what we can expect and what we won’t see this season, why Flashpoint was wrapped up after one episode, the introduction of Tom Felton’s Julian Albert, and the addition of BB Speedsters Jesse Quick and Kid Flash, as well as all his love of Tom Cavanagh...

On Flashpoint
-Originally conceived of four or five eps during initial discussion, but it got pulled.
-Decided that although lots of story to cover, most effective story was less episodes.
-It felt organic to tie it up and kickstart the season.
-BUT lots of consequences that ripple across the entire season.
-Deals with what kind of hero Barry will be – one who faces the consequences of his actions, or tries to have a do-over every time he messes up. Time travel has consequences which must be dealt with.
-Barry has to fix things and move forward through these consequences without relying on changing time again.
-All the characters are going to be questioning the things in their own lives, if they’re acceptable to them or not, would it be a natural progression or something that has changed/is caused by Barry’s actions.

On Tom Felton’s Julian Albert
-Praises Tom Felton and all the scenes between he and Grant.
-Felt it was exciting to have a workplace antagonist for Barry and an ‘extra obstacle’ through the WHOLE SEASON, to have someone who is on to Barry, who knows something isn’t quite right with all the absences and time off work and general nonsense.
-Julian doesn’t so much figure out Barry is the Flash, but does realise that Barry has a secret and is up to stuff that everyone else has turned a blind eye to – but he doesn’t.

On BB Speedsters Kid Flash & Jesse Quick
-Potential for Wally to be Kid Flash permanently – he was affected the same way Jesse was, but his powers haven’t manifested but Jesse’s have.

On Tom Cavanagh
-Exciting to have TomCav come back as Harry, and have him play a new version of Wells too.
-Funny scene in 3x04 (intro of Hatman) where "you really get to see Tom kind of go crazy".
-The new Wells who joins the team is unlike any other Harrison Wells we have seen.
-Tom brings so much to each character that within one scene it feels like he’s been around forever.
-Todd Helbing rightfully loves TomCav.

Sources: Variety, IGN 2, CW Youtube, Flash TV Magenta Promo Images, Flash TV 3x04 Description, Magenta Trailer Youtube, Issuu Variety

No 'This Week On: 'The Flash Cast Doing Stuff On Social Media' this week, ONTD Flash Fam! The cast have basically been mostly off for Canadian Thanksgiving, so it is kind of radio silent on social media.
Did you enjoy all the Barry dragging going on this week?

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