lydiainthesky (lydiainthesky) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

7/27 Gold in the US + "All In My Head (Flex)" Certified Platinum In Australia + Diamond In Brazil!

... And "Work From Home" is now 3X Platinum in the US (making it one of the most successful song released this year). So far with all their certifications arround the world, "Work From Home" is 25X Platinum, 3X Gold and 1X Diamond

With now both "Worth It" & "Work Form Home" having more than 1Billion views...

"Work From Home" is the 5th fastest music video ever to reach 1Billion views on Youtube in 223 days!

"all in my head (flex)" went platinum in the only countries they did some sort of live promotion. coincidence, i think not.
and they keep getting those certifications all arround the world like it was nothing. again, and again, and again.

sources: riaa x 5hnews x popcrave x kworb x brazilcert
Tags: fifth harmony

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