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Overwatch Halloween patch released! New skins, event and more + new character leak?

  • Halloween Terror runs from October 11th until November 1st

  • There is a new brawl with Junkrat as "Dr. Junkenstein"

  • There are 12 new skins that can be unlocked along with new sprays, victory poses, voice lines, player icons and more

  • The Hollywood map is now Halloween themed

  • New character (supposedly) Sombra has been leaked

  • She is most likely a support character

  • Sombra's countdown hints that she will be revealed at Blizzcon, the 4th of November

You can find all of the new skins and more information at source 1!

Sources 1 2 3 4 5

i am a mess, i'm sorry @ the mods, i hope everything is okay now!
my internet keeps shutting off so i feel like i just posted twice too yikes

kinda disappointed there isnt a widowmaker skin ): but i love everything else
anyone playing the brawl yet?? and what do you think about sombra?
lets exchange usernames!
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