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Daniel Dae Kim Lands Three Shows on Different Networks

Daniel Dae Kim (Hawaii Five-O/LOST) put on his producing hat and has gotten three shows into development on CBS, ABC, and TV Land. He is aiming for diverse leads in each series. Two of the shows are based on popular Korean dramas while the other is based off a novel.

CBS is developing "Exhibit A", a legal drama based off of a Korean drama "My Lawyer, Mr. Jo". The series will follow a disgraced Korean-American prosecutor who turns his life around as a defense lawyer when he pairs with a young idealistic attorney and the two fight for the underdogs of Los Angeles. The original series premiered earlier this spring.

ABC put in a pilot commitment for "The Good Doctor" (based on a Korean drama of the same name from 2013) which is being produced by Sony. Logline for this show: Centers on a young surgeon with Savant syndrome who is recruited into the pediatric surgical unit of a prestigious hospital.

TV Land is developing Re Jane based off the novel of the same name by Patricia Clark. It will be a single-camera comedy about a Korean-American woman who becomes the nanny to the adopted Chinese daughter of a Brooklyn couple.

Other Asian celebrities express their congratulations to Daniel

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