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MLB Playoff Update: Even Year BS falls to the Cubs! Toronto and Cleveland in ALCS! Nats/LA tied!

Things were looking dire for the Cubs as they fell to the Giants on Monday and were down 5-2 in the top of the 9th. But the relentless Cubs offense and the terrible Giants bullpen turned the tied and the Cubs scored 4 runs in the ninth to take the 4th and decisive game. Off to the NLCS!! #FlyTheW

The Dodgers defeated the Walgreens and tied up their NLDS 2-2 leading to the decisive and final game 5 in DC. Winner will face the Chicago Cubs in the NLCS, with the winner advancing to the World Series.

-in yesterday's news, both the Toronto Blue Jays and the Cleveland Indians swept their series over the Rangers and Red Sox respectively and will move on to the ALCS, with the winner advancing to the World Series.
-The ALCS will begin in Cleveland on Friday.
-The NLCS will begin in Chicago on Saturday.

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What's that about even year bullshit? ;)

also: Congrats to Cleveland and Toronto fans! AL teams looking scary. Good luck to Dodgers/Nats fans tomorrow. Giants fans: magic isn't real. ;)
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