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Shadowhunters Season 2 - NYCC Trailer, 2 Sneak Peaks, Promo Images & Social Media

Shadowhunters Season 2 Trailer & Sneak Peaks.
This past weekend at NYCC, Freeform officially released the first trailer for Shadowhunters season 2, which has an expanded order of 20 episodes (up from 13) that will veer even further away from anything CC wants, expanding upon characters she doesn't care about, and ignoring whatever grossness she wrote to make the POC and LGBTQ relationships and female friendships even more prominent. In other words, we are blessed.
It is due to premier January 2nd, 2017.

Two sneak peaks were also released - one featuring a fight scene between Clary and Izzy (with bonus Nick Sagar as Victor Aldertree), and the other featuring the introduction of Victor Aldertree to the Institute and everyone being all pressed.

Season 2 Promo Images
TV Insider and TV Guide Magazine recently released a number of promo images for the upcoming season, heavily featuring fan favourite relationship Malec, some angsty looks, some other determined looks, some hands touching, and some TOPLESS Magnus Bane, aka Harry Shum Jr, aka the best thing about this show by far.

 photo 144342_6372-727x530_zpsxqa0gge8.jpg

 photo 144342_6224-727x530_zpsisrhjapl.jpg
 photo angst_zpsxxxirwzb.png
 photo 144271_7670-727x530_zpszdinirfo.jpg
 photo 144271_7559-727x530_zps79w7jhhz.jpg

Shadowhunters Social Media at NYCC.
The Shadowhunters cast, plus McG and some writers/showrunners hit up NYCC and took it to social media looking adorable as per. Mostly featuring Emeraude Toubia's immense beauty, everyone looking gorgeous, Harry Shum Jr putting the BAE in Magnus Ba(e)ne, Isaiah Mustafa being Isaiah Mustafa, and some promotional running.

Oh, and McG being delightfully shady and doing what all of us would do by cropping CC out, who shouldn't have been there talking over everyone in the first place. Mess.

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Have you ever celebrated your bigger, better, darker Season 2 by cropping CC out of your pics, ONTD?
Play nice, stans and haters like! For Harry Shum Jr's sake. ❤️

 photo tumblr_oesy3uIj6k1qly9gho1_250_zpsurtrmy8s.gif
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