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Paris Jackson’s boyfriend covers up Confederate flag tattoo

Paris Jackson’s boyfriend’s controversial Confederate flag tattoo has gone up in flames.

Over the weekend, tattoo artist Justin Lewis’ Instagram account revealed 26 year old musician Michael Snoddy had the offending ink covered up with curling flames (and added a cigarette to the cackling skull above).

“Cover up on my buddy @michaelsnoddy love ya brother,” Lewis captioned a before-and-after image of the 26-year-old tattoo.

Snoddy has defended his love of the Confederate flag by stating it's simply about southern pride and nothing more. He has multiple pictures on Instagram shamelessly displaying the flag. In the past he's claimed he couldn't be racist or else he "wouldn't be dating a black girl".

Snoddy was also caught using the n-word several times on his Twitter account.

The tweets, dating from 2009 to 2011, feature repeated use of the word n***** and resurfaced following the earlier allegation.

"@lolmattd hooked us n***** up at 'The S***'!!!" reads one post.

In 2011 he tweeted: "Thirsty thursday with the n*****".

"put your hood up n****, put your hood up!!!!," was another.

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Tags: michael jackson / jackson family, race / racism, side eyeing you

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