Britney headed to the Bay + Mystery London Crush revealed + Teens react to 2000's jams

The Glory singer is scheduled to perform in San Jose on December 3rd.

The 99.7 Now radio festival lineup includes Justin Bieber, Zara Larson and Britney stan Megan Trainor!

Remember this video of Britney creeping on a dude riding a motorcycle in London?

Well he's come forward. See what he looks like under the cut!

He's 46 year old father of two Phil Lupton from Kingston-upon-Thames

- One of his coworkers recognized him because of his limited edition helmet
- His wife and daughters think it's a hoot
- A humble Phil says Britney's was probably just attracted to the motorcycle image since she couldn't see his face lol
- Says she's quite attractive but wouldn't want to live in the limelight

Check out more pictures of Phil, his wife and daughters at the link below

Britney will be making an appearance on the uk edition of the Stand up to Cancer special. Set to air October 21st.

@ 7:38 min in

9/10 not bad!

what are some of your fave jams from the 2000's, ontd?