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Comic book post: New books for Batwoman and America Chavez!

Batwoman is getting a new ongoing! Detective Comics will launch Kate into her new solo with the two-issue "Batwoman Begins" arc in February, followed by Batwoman Rebirth. Batwoman #1 debuts in March. Marguerite Bennett with write with Steve Epting(!!) on art. Bennett will co-write BB with Tec writer James Tynion, who will in turn, join Bennett on BW's first arc.

Super Sons and JLA - first announced during DC's Rebirth press event - will also debut in February.

Fans have been wanting this forever and they are finally getting their wish: Miss America Chavez is getting her own ongoing. No release date was announced nor creative team (please no Keiron). But the book will be titled America and will have covers by Jamie McKelvie. This will be America's 2nd solo with original creators Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta taking her (and changing her last name) to Image Comics with All-America Comix.

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