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Homeland Season 6 - Quinn's fate and a few other details from panels in New York this week

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- Quinn is alive enough to undergo therapy in New York City. Danes told the crowd at Paleyfest: Made in NY on Oct. 6 that “Carrie is in New York largely because Quinn is receiving therapy here.” That would seem to bode well for the survival chances of Carrie’s semi-regular love interest (played by Rupert Friend), who ended season five seemingly on the wrong end of a coma. Danes’ comment produced gasps of joy from the Quinn-loving crowd.

- Asked about the state of the often fractious Carrie-Saul relationship as season six dawns, Patinkin said Saul’s faith in Carrie’s preternatural ability to fight the good fight against terrorism is strong even if Carrie may still be shunning the CIA, for now. Saul is “in a prayerful state that he will reconnect with his child and bring her back into a world where she is destined to be a profound giver and caretaker to humanity,” Patinkin said. “That is her true gift.” Saul is invested in Carrie because he knows she’s a better, more intuitive operative than he is — and she’s his ticket to redemption. “For me, this piece is this relationship,” Patinkin said of “Homeland.” Saul’s connection with Carrie “is why he is bothering to live.”

- The season will be focused on counter-terrorism efforts in New York nearly two decades after 9/11. "Homeland wants to objectively sit back and look at how scared we should be," he said. "I don't think Homeland wants to contribute to that fear. ... It's not going to be a story about a bomb going off."

- there will be no musical episodes...

Season 6 premieres on January 15th.

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