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Atlanta 1x08: B.A.N. + Interview w/Zazie Beetz

Montague; Special guest Paper Boi and Dr. Deborah Holt.


-On being the only woman on the show: "It’s an honor but also a lot of pressure to be the only sort of representation of women on this show. There are so many different kinds of men, then you’re offered this one version of a woman. I wanted all the things that she worries about to be validated — that she’s not crazy, she’s just searching for the support that she expects. I think it’s also important to remember that this story’s being told through the eyes of a black man. [...] Of course, it’d be great if there were more women, if even just to act with. It was so fun to have another woman on set [for this week's episode]! I’ve pushed for her to have another episode. I really enjoyed having female energy. But that’s not really what the show’s about, so you have to respect the niche and what story it's telling."

-She didn't get to know much about the character except that Van shouldn't be an Angry Black Woman. The episode focused on her was Glover's directorial debut.

-Her backstory for Van and Earn was that they ran in similar circles, started hanging out at a club, and got pregnant quickly after that. The friction in their relationship is from not knowing each other all that well. She says that Earn is a scatterbrained asshole who could pull it together.

-On the importance of showing Van doing her hair: "That scene is the biggest thing that black women mention to me and it was actually Donald’s idea. He pushed for that. I love it because it’s the routine." She remembers crying when Victoria's Secret let their first model wear her hair naturally. Still struggles emotionally with her hair.

source/More of the interview at second source
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