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Bruce Lee movie 'Birth of the Dragon' gets messy

bruce-lee -1960

  • Read about the controversy here

  • It received bad reviews

  • Reviews state that Bruce is dumbed down, cocky and one-dimensional. His role in the movie is muted compared to his white co-star

  • Lead actor, Patrick Ng responded to criticism of the movie by stating that some of the reviewers have not have seen the movie and have based their review on the trailer (The movie has only been shown at the Toronto Film Festival)

  • Patrick Lee, founder of Rotten Tomatoes came out and said pretty much the same thing. He also went on and said that Asian-americans should be supporting movies with a mostly asian cast and that if movies such as these bomb, Hollywood would say that Asians aren't bankable

  • Shannon Lee, Bruce's daughter came out against the movie.

  • She stated that it was made without her family's consent and involvement

  • She also believes this film is a move backwards for Asians on screen

Source 1 2 3

I want to know what the white dude's opinion on this is
Tags: asian celebrities, race / racism

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