HTGAWM fans love to hate Behzad Dabu (Simon Drake) talks with Syracuse native Behzad Dabu about his role [he plays new student Simon Drake] on HTGAWM

- on the hate he has received online/on social media: "The hate is flowing," he says in a phone interview. "I got to Twitter an hour after the show aired... People really hate this guy, which is I think the point."

"It means I'm doing something right. [People have been watching for two previous seasons] so when someone is being mean to [the Keating 5], it feels like they're being mean to [the fans]."

- on costar Viola Davis: "She is so good. She's a legend in acting I feel really fortunate and honored that I get to work with her"

- on who he doesn't want to see get killed off this season's big cliffhanger: "I hope it's not Bonnie (Liza Weil), because she does so much for the '5,' for Annalise, and she kinda just gets crapped on all the time," Dabu said. "By Annalise, by Asher... by Laurel – everybody just craps on Bonnie. So I hope it's not Bonnie."

How do you like Simon ONTD?

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