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Lady Gaga: I went away for a minute from feeling the pressure of having to deliver a pop record

- Gave a second concert last night to fans who waited outside to see her and could not get into the aired show. "There are over 600 kids out there, so what do you do? I figured it'd only get bigger as the night went on. My buddies were out there trying to pick kids out of the crowd that seemed to be real superfans, so the true, true fans would get the second experience."

- Her family bond is reflected in the songs on Joanne, from the title-track to the celebratory "Grigio Girls" (which features a lyrical shout-out to the Spice Girls!)

- Her first solo album since 2013, Joanne is born of introspection: "I went away for a minute from feeling the pressure of having to deliver a pop record."

- Wouldn't consider Joanne to just have Americana vibes: "There is a lot of other influences in the album that are British, and there's a lot of international influence on other songs, that you haven't heard yet on the record."

- When asked if this era is a selfess act for her friends & family she explains: "I don't know if I'm selfless – I still want to make a great record, I want to make a hit record, I want to tour; that's not completely selfless. But the truth is I'm not interested in people coming to my show for me, as much as I am for them coming to my show for themselves.

- When asked what big things she has in store for Superbowl, Gaga replies, "Maybe I have something small planned. Maybe I'll just do a lemonade stand. That would really upset people though – I won't do that, don't worry."

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