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#DearFutureHusband @TheRealLukevans featured in Interview Magazine and MR PORTER

My one and only true love LUKE EVANS is promoting his new movie THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN (out tomorrow in the US of A). In his Interview Magazine interview, the 37-year-old actor poses in his underwear and talks about being an only child and how he comes from a musical theater background.

In his MR PORTER interview, Luke Evans reveals that going blond has encouraged him to experiment more with his style. When talking about his sexuality, Evans, who has previously spoken about coming out to his parents, says that he doesn't talk about his personal life, not because he is hiding anything that he's embarrassed about, but because it's his personal life and he'd like it to remain personal. Talking again about being an only child, he believes that it has hindered his ability to find contentment within himself, since he has always wanted to be around other people and seek their validation.

Sources: 1 + 2

Is he problematic, ONTD? Please say it isn't so!
Tags: beauty / makeup, british celebrities, fashion, gqmf, magazine covers and articles, sexy

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