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Grimes and HANA release the AC!D Reign Chronicles

Grimes and Hana have released the Acid Reign Chronicles, a series of 7 videos. Four of them are music videos for Grimes' work from Art Angels, three are videos from Hana's self-titled EP. The Director's Cut is the all the videos compiled in their intended order (if you have 40 minutes to spare) and is what I've linked below, but you can watch each one independently in the playlist. The Directors Cut also features Grimes' Easily and laughing and not being normal

Also features Aristophanes in the Scream video, and Linda Davis and Alyson Van as dancers throughout.


haven't had the time to watch this yet actually lol but just from skimming thru, gonna have to add HANA to my playlists. already in love with Grimes so she just slayed me more.

ONTD, if you could do any joint-work with another artist (singer or otherwise) who would it be? what would you do? I dream of releasing a full "featuring" album (a la Salyu's Merkmal) that would include a laundry list of artists
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