Nate Parker Appears On 'The Steve Harvey Show' and It's A Mess!

  • Nate Parker stopped by The Steve Harvey Show today and as expected it turned into a damn mess.

  • Nate criticizes journalists for hitting him so hard on the rape allegations 13 years ago and asks "What are they trying to do?" (OP note: uh, their jobs? moron). He followed up with the following questions "Do they care about anyone involved? Do they care about what we’ve been talking about?' I think it’s been a tragedy on so many levels"

  • Nate said he didn't know the woman had committed suicide and when he found out he caught some flak for it. "It shocked my soul. To hear that news — I wasn’t prepared for it. I thought maybe she’d pop up once [the accusations] resurfaced," "When this happened, and I spoke to it, it was insensitive. I caught a lot of flak for it, for being indignant and saying, 'I’m innocent. I was falsely accused so that’s that!' — not realizing that, one, there should be empathy for any woman."

  • Nate also added it was "Devastating to learn" that someone connected to him decided "it was time to end their life".

  • Steve Harvey decided to jump in and say that "it's unfair to think the woman committed suicide because of something that happened thirteen years prior". Harvey added "If you are a black man in this country, and you get accused of raping a white woman, your chances of walking out of that courtroom is slim to none."

  • Parker said the upside of all this controversy (op note: da fuq?) is that "the topic of rape is being brought to the forefront".

  • Parker also said dozens of sexual assault survivors have reached out to him to thank him for speaking about the topic.  Parker chose to attack the media again for not raisign awareness of rape. "Is there any way I can use my platform to raise awareness about this, because guess what? The media ain’t covering that."


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