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The Flash Roundup - Cast on Social Media, New (Extended) Promos, & Keiynan Lonsdale Interview

3x02 Paradox - Extended Promo & Early Season Sneak Peek 'Big Mistake' Promo.

Keiynan Lonsdale on The Lowdown with Diana Madison.

-Found out he was Kid Flash end of June, right before starting filming on S3
-Tom Felton is "killing it and an awesome guy" and laid back, met him first time at SDCC and Tom Felton fit in to the Flash Fam from the beginning.
-Hopes for a Flash vs Kid Flash vs Jesse Quick race at some point.
-Thinks a romance with Jesse Quick is totally possible - "we'll see what happens".

This Premier Week On: 'The Flash Cast Doing Stuff On Social Media'...
Just a short one this week since the pre-premier Roundup was so huge! The most important thing is TomCav and Carlos singing about the playoffs. Bless this precious cast in general.

bettydubney My day was pretty super, how about you?

grantgust More bestie pics.

dpanabaker Had the pleasure of spending today with this beautiful birthday girl. Such a joy to have her around! 😍

flashbehindtheseams stoop hangouts, enjoying the last of the Vancouver sun #flashseason3 #behindtheseams
#flashbehindtheseams #trucklife

flashbehindtheseams Details of paediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Caitlin Snow
#behindtheseams #behindthescenes #bts #theflash #theflash3 #cwtheflash #flashpoint #caitlinsnow #drcaitlinsnow

juanbavera You guys ready for next week?! #cwtheflash #season3 #getready #forsomemayhem #theflash #jaygarrick #johnwesleyshipp #wegondoitup #herewegoagain #youcantlockupthehashtags

juanbavera You guys ready for tonight?! #cwtheflash #flashday #kidflash #rival #bts #season3 #premiere #centralcityPD #bcfilm #leggo

teddysears This is from my last day on set in season 2 right after @grantgust kicked my ass. Lots of happy memories with this guy. Flashpoint starts tonight! I won't be in it (yet?) but I'll be watching. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

cavanaghtom Playoff baseball!
Playoff baseball!

@playerstribune (Yankees will have to content themselves with the 27 Championships...) #TomAndCarlos
@dpanabaker (cinematographer)

candicekp Why so serious?

keiynanlonsdale 👻: keiynanlonsdale

grantgust Had to wear some Flashpoint swag to work today.

grantgust @bosslogic showed us some love on premiere day.

grantgust Both these dudes are Legends in my book.. #HappyFlashDay

grantgust I got to hangout with Kid Flash on Flash Day. #HappyFlashDay #TheFlashSeason3

grantgust Flash also got to hang with this one last week before #FlashDay

keiynanlonsdale When you been sleepin, but it's Flash day so you ain't really been sleepin 😏

3x02 Promo, Big Mistake Promo, Keiynan Interview on The Lowdown, Betty Dubney Insta, Behind the Seams Insta, BTS2, Juan Bavera Insta, JB2, Teddy Sears Insta, TomCav Insta, Grant Gustin Insta, GG2, GG3, GG4, GG5, GG6, Danielle Panabaker Insta, Candice Patton Insta, Keiynan Lonsdale Insta, KL2, Danielle Panabaker Twitter,

Happy First Week Back, ONTD Flash Fam!❤️
Are your bodies ready for TWO Harrys?

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