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Britney Spears is totally here for Adele joining her in Vegas!

Promo Queen Britney continues with an interview on Australia's Sunrise.

- Recent rumors suggest Adele might be looking to get a Vegas residency. When asked about it Spears was super excited about the possibility.

- The love is mutual. Adele said in an interview this year that one of her goals was to make it to Vegas to catch Britney's show!

- Her latest album Glory is like her baby she made sure to be more hands on

- Talks about her kids & being scared about their teenage years. The oldest one is in that stage where he thinks his mom isn't cool and he knows everything.

- Looks back on some of her iconic looks over the years. Would she repeat any of them?

source http://youtube.com/watch?v=jIc3Y9OwJT8
Tags: britney spears, interview

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