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Davey Wavey's latest video looks at fat shaming in the gay community

In a new video produced by gay YouTube star Davey Wavey, he features a gay magazine editor from Amsterdam who talks about the fat shaming he's been subjected to over the years by other gay men, and the impact it's had on him. Martijn used to be very insecure about his looks, saying that he "could not equate being overweight with being happy," and he found that dating on gay social media apps was hard.

In one instance, a guy he messaged responded, asking Martijn if he really thought he had a chance to date someone who looked like him. Although it took him a long time, Martijn says that he now no longer feels ashamed about his looks, and that there are plenty of hot guys who are into him.

Source: YouTube

Do you feel insecure about your looks when you go to gay bars?
Tags: internet celebrities, lgbtq / rights

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