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The 27 (5) Halloween Specials You Need To Watch Before Oct. 31st

In preparation of Halloween 2016, Buzzfeed has listed 27 Halloween T.V. Specials you must watch to get you in the mood for October 31st. Your O.P. here is super biased and picked her faves.

1. Boy Meets World, “And Then There Was Shawn.”

The gang finds themselves locked in the school, all alone, during detention. This memorable episode plays off the movie Scream.

10. Bob's Burgers, “The Hauntening.”

When Louise reveals that she hasn't been scared before, the Belchers visit a haunted house in order to change that; the trip has more scares than the family anticipated.

11. Lizzie McGuire, “Night of the Day of the Dead.”

It's Halloween, and Lizzie's school is organizing a big Halloween party. Too bad Kate's in charge, which means she gets the final say on everything. But when Kate disrespects Miranda's ancestral skeleton decorations, spooky things start to happen. Could it be the work of the spirits of Miranda's offended ancestors?

13. Hey Arnold!, “Arnold’s Halloween.”

Arnold and Gerald team up to carry out the ultimate Halloween prank, by deliberately faking a news radio broadcast of an alien invasion, causing widespread panic throughout town not seen since Orson Welles inadvertently did so in 1938!

20. The Simpsons, “Tree House of Horror V.”

The family's job at Mr. Burns' country estate goes awry when Homer goes mad. Meanwhile, Homer's attempt to repair a toaster results in inadvertent time travel, and Bart and Lisa face becoming dinner when the school staff turn cannibalistic.


favorite halloween episodes, otnd?
Tags: bob's burgers (fox), disney, nickelodeon, television, the simpsons (fox)

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