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Utada Hikaru Clinches #1 Position on Oricon Weekly Sales with 253,000 Physical Copies

As previously reported, Utada Hikaru was initially in a dead heat against EXILE for the #1 weekly position on the Oricon (Japan's most notable physical sales chart). Two days after the release of her comeback album Fantôme, her album was less than 2,000 units away from overtaking EXILE's best/collection album EXTREME BEST. Despite EXILE's marketing strategy which includes three different editions and purchase incentives, Hikki was able to surpass Fantôme was able to surpass EXTREME BEST on its third day and increased the gap as the week continued. By the end of the charting week, Oricon reported that Fantôme has sold 253,000 copies. This makes Fantôme the best selling album released by a female soloist this year in Japan. The previous holder of this title was likely Kana Nishino's JUST LOVE with 126,000 units (But don't take my word for granted, this is based off of the largest female soloist album release I can think of within this year). This also marks Utada Hikaru's 8th consecutive album to debut at #1 on the Oricon weekly charts. Finally, this also makes Fantôme the second highest selling album of the year released by a female soloist worldwide (Beyoncé currently holds the top position with Lemonade).

It should be noted that Oricon is strictly a physical sales chart within Japan, so all digital sales as well as physical copies sold internationally are not included in this sales number. Considering the relative international success of Fantôme on iTunes as a Japanese album with no intentional promotion beyond east Asia as well as her digital singles' longevity on the domestic digtal charts, one can only imagine how much higher her sales would be with the inclusion of digital sales (Which would be unknown until RIAJ releases its list of certifications for a ballpark number).

good to see that idol-based marketing gimmicks aren't necessary to sell well in the japanese music scene. japan really needs to do something about having a reliable digital chart though.
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