Kim Kardashian Feared Rape

  • Kim was lying in bed with only a robe on when she heard people running up her apartment stairs. Through the glass door, she saw a masked man and one with a police hat. She felt something was wrong so she got out of bed and tried calling her bodyguard, Pascal, who was out with Kourtney and Kendall.

  • The robbers took Kim's phone before she could finish dialing. Kim was then was put into plastic cuffs and grabbed by the ankles. She told the police that's when she thought she would be raped. Her ankles were then duck taped and she was placed in the bathtub.

  • The robbers didn't know English, but kept yelling about the ring Kanye bought Kim. Kim begged them not to kill her because she had babies and then told them where the ring was and that they could take anything they wanted. After she told them where the ring was, they duck taped her mouth shut because she wouldn't stop begging/crying.

  • Kim's friend, Simone was downstairs sleeping when she was woke up from the commotion. Simone locked herself in the bathroom and called Kourtney telling her to come home because there was something wrong.

  • The Kardashian bodyguard, Pascal, got back to the apartment 2 minutes after the robbers left. The whole incident happened in 6 minutes.

Source: Twitter