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Evan Rachel Wood Defends Westworld's Violent Rape Scenes


HBO's new scifi show Westworld has come under criticism for its graphic, repeated scenes of rape.

-The show is about a futuristic Wild West theme park like a real-life videogame.

-Evan Rachel Wood's character Dolores is a headstrong woman who loves to paint and daydream, until she sees her family murdered and she is raped. As a character in the game, Dolores is forced to live this reality every day over and over.

-The other female charcter is a prostitute who is also sexually assaulted repeatedly.

-The game robots can't harm humans, but humans can do whatever they want to the robots, including assaulting them.

-HBO's other shows like Game of Thrones show many rape scenes and scenes degrading women

ERJ defended the rape scenes in WW, saying

“You have an obligation as a storyteller to raise awareness and to show the horrors of that so that people aren’t desensitized to it. I don’t think there’s anything titillating about what we’re doing — it’s all horrific, as it should be."

“We don’t actually show sexual violence towards women. You never see a scene of like rape or anything, but you know it’s going to happen.”

How do you feel about this issue in film and media?

Tags: actor / actress, feminism / social issues, jesus take the wheel, sci-fi, television

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