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Nate Parker Doubles Down on Shittiness on GMA

He's basically complaining about how much he's had to talk about it and shows no self awareness by talking about how his film is about social injustice.

Robin Roberts: This is a very difficult but necessary conversation for a lot of people. Your reaction to those allegations of years ago. They just don't feel the empathy. They don't feel that you have any remorse.
Parker: Who are we talking about?
Roberts: What we're talking about is what happened in 1999 with the woman who is now deceased who took her own life, and her family and others fell that in seeing your comments resurface that -- Do you have any remorse? Apologize for any of what happened?
Nate Parker: Look, I was on 60 Minutes last night. We talked about it. I think the important thing is this isn't about me! You know the story of Nat Turner as an American, to know the story of a man who was erased from history, at some point that's what our focus should be. Especially now. So many things are happening in America especially in the last 72 hours. So the hope is that people get to know the real story of America that has been so shifted aside with revisionist history. This is a film that they should see.

what the fuck kind of answers
Tags: black celebrities, flop, legal / lawsuit

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