Why could Kim Kardashian so easily be robbed in Paris?

  • To recap: Kim Kardashian was staying at the Hôtel de Portals when five men dressed as police entered the hotel via the service entrance around 2:30 a.m. Despite the name, the building is not actually a hotel but a portered building which contains nine flats designed for multi-millionaires.

  • The property is a historic private mansion that was converted into luxury apartments in 2010. The flats are highly popular among A-listers - stars like Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio and Prince have all stayed there - and are only advertised through a word-of-mouth policy. Even the address has been kept secret for years (which is also why the building is referred to as the 'No Address Hotel').

  • Kanye West has maintained a semi-permanent residence in one of the flats for years.

  • The property is not visible from the street and can only be accessed via a private entrance in a courtyard or a car elevator.

  • The "security" consists of one concierge for the entire building

  • During the robbery, the concierge was threatened with a weapon, handcuffed and forced to open Kim's private apartment.

  • A former guest of the luxury apartments told reporters, "basically you bring your personnel with you, hence her poor security last night. It's basically a flat with one front desk concierge."

  • At the time of the robbery, Kourtney and Kendall were partying at a nightclub. Kim's bodyguard Pascal Duvier accompanied them.

  • Kim has since said that she doesn't blame her bodyguard for the security situation.






This is my assumption of where the hotel is located. As you can see, the Hôtel de Portals is encased by other buildings on all sides and not visible from any street.


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