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More details on the Kardashian robbery attack

  • Kim Kardashian was staying at the Hôtel de Portals when five men dressed as police entered the hotel via the service entrance around 2:30 a.m. Despite the name, the building is not actually a hotel but a portered building which contains nine flats designed for multi-millionaires.

  • The robbers threatened the concierge with a weapon, handcuffed him and forced him to open the private apartment.

  • It is reported that Kim begged for her life and told the masked robbers that she has babies at home. The robbers tied Kim up - both her hands and feet were bound with tape - gagged her, and put her in the bathtub. A source told reporters, "she thought they were for sure going to kill her."

  • The men robbed her of two cellphones and approximately $10 million worth of jewelry, including a $4 million ring.

  • Kim's children, North, 3, and Saint, 9 months, were not involved in the incident.

  • Kourtney and Kendall were also not present (they were partying at a nightclub while the robbery happened). Kim's bodyguard accompanied them.

  • West abruptly ended his headlining set at Meadows Music & Arts Festival in Queens upon hearing the news about the robbery.

  • The ordeal has left Kim "badly shaken but physically unharmed".

  • Kim already gave her statement to the French investigators.

  • Kim, Kendall, Kourtney and Kris were in Paris for the fashion week. The family has since left the city in a private jet.

  • The Daily Fail has speculated that the "Pink Panther gang" might be behind the robbery.

  • The Pink Panthers are a loose network of 200 ex-soldier thieves from the Balkans region who are responsible for over US $500 million in gold and jewellery robberies in Dubai, Switzerland, Japan, France, Liechtenstein, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain and Monaco. They are known for their minimal violence approach and have been active for decades.

  • The gang may have monitored Kim's snapchat to find out what jewellery she was wearing.

  • Kim is now back in the US. She was greeted by her husband at an airport in New York.

  • It is reported that Kim "couldn't wait to leave Paris" and is just happy to be alive. A source said that "she has never been in a more frightening situation. She still can't believe it happened."

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I'll update this post as we get more information.
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