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Danielle Brooks talks about diversity, stereotypes and Broadway

When she first went in to read for Taystee in OITNB, she was apprehensive because she didn't wanna play an "angry black woman". Through her experience in the show she says she'll never play a stereotype

Seeks out projects that tell diverse stories and says that both productions (OITNB and Broadway's The Color Purple) did an extraordinary job of bringing the experiences of WoC to the forefront.

Danielle was the first black woman to appear in 'Girls'.

When she was in4th grade wrote a letter to the mayor of her home town, Greenville, South Carolina regarding the Confederate flag. She wrote that there's 'so much pain and hurt that my people feel from this flag', and even designed a new flag but just got a generic answer back.

Talks about exposing people to the Black Lives Matter movement through TV/OITNB

Hopeful that both TV and theater will continue to create conversations about social injustice and activism. Also mentions how most of the audience in her play is still white and hopes it gets more diverse (is unsure if it’s a money thing or if it’s more of an issue of who people are publicizing these plays for)

Tags: black celebrities, broadway / theatre, orange is the new black (netflix)

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